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Exterior House Washing Looks Just Like New Paint

Are you looking for a reliable house pressure cleaning service in Newcastle and surrounding areas? Well, look no further. As a family-owned Newcastle-based professional house cleaning and pressure cleaning company, we’re well able to assist.

We use high-pressure water to clean your exterior surfaces and leave them looking fresh and clean. Our other services include gutter, driveway, and window cleaning, roof painting, concrete cleaning and sealing, and graffiti removal.

Pavers Residential Pressure Cleaning - Before vs After

Our dedicated and passionate team will do a fantastic job for you! Are you ready to give your home a makeover at a reasonable price? Get a free quote by calling us on 0422 607 838 or 0422 568 670 today!

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Benefits of House Washing in Newcastle and surrounding

Improve the Curb Appeal of Your House

Whether you’re looking to sell or improve your home’s street appeal, a house wash is a great choice. You can achieve the fresh and clean look you want without having extensive renovations. So hire a pressure washer in Newcastle today!

Protect Your Home From the Elements

Protect your home’s surfaces from weather damage. Regular pressure washing in Newcastle can remove harmful elements like mould and other germs from your building or home.

Finished Wall Under Roof Edge Pressure Cleaning - Before vs After

Get Your Paint Work To Last Longer

The paint can become stained by dirt, dust, and other substances over time. This causes it to peel and fade. This can be prevented by pressure washing your Newcastle house. So protect your paintwork and save your money.

Protect Your Family

Family health is of paramount importance. For example, cleaning the exterior of your Newcastle house can remove mould and bacteria that can cause respiratory illness and other dangers.

You Can Save Time and Money 

House washing in Newcastle is an easy solution that saves you time and effort. Don’t spend hours cleaning your exterior surfaces yourself. Instead, hire a professional to do it!

Pressure cleaning your Newcastle home is an affordable alternative to other home improvements such as repainting or re-roofing. Get a free quote today!

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Don’t DIY – Get Newcastle House Washing Experts to Help

You may want to attempt to wash your home yourself. High-pressure hoses can blast away dirt and grime from your home. But do you have the right equipment or technique? 

You could cause more damage than good to your home’s exterior if you don’t have the proper training or the specialized equipment that professional services have. You don’t want to risk damaging your home, which might be your most valuable asset. You are also more likely to use more water and take longer to clean your house if you don’t have the right equipment.  

So, save time, money, and effort by hiring a professional house cleaning service like Wasp Industries. Our experienced and friendly crew aims to make your home look beautiful and clean daily. The exterior appearance of most homes will look almost identical to brand new paintwork. And this will all be a fraction of what it would cost to paint.

Our House Washing Services in Newcastle

We have been Newcastle’s top house-washing service for more than ten years. And we will continue to provide outstanding service in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. So many house owners rely on our professional service to maintain the exterior of their homes or businesses.

Here’s some of what we can offer:

Exterior House Washing

Pressure Cleaning Newcastle Waspindustries At Work Roof Cleaning

We are a Newcastle-based company that specializes in exterior house washing. It’s a popular choice for building owners because it’s an economical and efficient way of maintaining their property. This task is done using a high-pressure water jet, which cleans surfaces and leaves them shiny and bright.

High-Pressure Cleaning

Here, high-pressure water jets are used to remove dirt and other debris, which are swept and washed away, leaving your property shiny and clean.

Soft Pressure Cleaning

We offer soft pressure cleaning in Newcastle to clean dirt that isn’t as goopy and scrubby. This is the best solution for dealing with rust stains and mildew from algae growth. Our cleaning services will make your property and home sparkle! 

We use gentle, low-pressure cleaning solutions to clean your surfaces. Soft washing is safe for commercial and residential properties, including roofs and sensitive surfaces.

Roof Cleaning

Tree and bird debris can accumulate on your roof, making it unattractive and ugly. Roof cleaning removes dirt buildup in your Newcastle home, allowing you to have a clean shelter you love looking at every day. 

Our services include removing algae, debris, and moss from your roof and treating the roof’s surface to prevent further damage.

Patio Washing & Sealing

The best way to feel confident about entertaining friends and family on your patio or deck is to get it washed and sealed. Ideally, your patio should look great all year and be inviting to guests. Over time, however, dirt and grime can accumulate on your patio’s surface, making it look old-fashioned and dirty.

Our patio sealing and washing service in Newcastle can bring back the beauty of your patio. We clean it, seal it, and protect it from the weather.

Concrete Cleaning & Sealing

Concrete is popular because it’s durable, attractive, and requires less maintenance than other building materials. However, concrete can get worn and old over time. It can also become uneven and patchy with a dull finish.

We can clean and polish the concrete surface to restore its shine. Then, we can seal the concrete to prevent dirt and further damage.

Other house washing services we offer in Newcastle:

  • Window cleaning,
  • Driveway cleaning,
  • Graffiti removal,
  • Gutter cleaning,
  • Tile cleaning,
  • And sanitation cleaning.

How our Cleaning Process Works

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Make an appointment: Fill out the form on our website to request a quote and/or make an appointment with one of our team members. We will contact you to confirm your appointment and give more information about our process.

2. Get ready for the job: After your appointment is confirmed, our team will visit your home or office to inspect the site. They will also provide a free quote. We can also work around your schedule.

3. Do the house wash: Our team will get to work once we have the necessary information. Depending on the size of your property, our team will usually start at 8 a.m. and finish around noon. Our team will clean your outdoor surfaces and remove any dirt or grime. 

High-pressure water jets and other specialized equipment are also available to help ensure that the job is done efficiently and correctly. We will clean your house from the inside and out, as well as its roof, walls, gates and fences.

4. Check-out: After we’re done, our team will inspect your home and make sure everything is in order. Your property will be left sparkling clean! In addition, our team will give you information about how to maintain your property after we’re done with the job.

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Why Choose Wasp Industries Newcastle for Your House Washing?


We’ve been house washing for a very long time. And we’re still going strong today. As a family-owned company with more than ten years of experience, we have served hundreds of satisfied clients in Newcastle and its’ surrounding areas.

Quality Service

Our house washing services in Newcastle are designed to satisfy our customers. We are committed to providing high-quality services and strive to please clients with the best house cleaning services in Newcastle.

Our cleaning crew is highly trained to protect your health and ensure that you are satisfied with our services. We take pride in what we do and ensure we get it right the first time.

Competitive Pricing

We are competitively priced in Newcastle when compared to other house-washing companies. This is because we know how expensive cleaning and servicing your home can be. That’s why we offer a cost-effective solution.

Prompt Response

Our team is punctual, and we respect your time. So we’ll make sure to complete the job on time. We’ll even clean up after ourselves to ensure nothing is left behind.

We cover the following areas:

  • Newcastle, 
  • Spring Hill, 
  • South Newcastle,
  • Petrie Terrace,
  • Kangaroo Point,
  • Fortitude Valley,
  • And other surrounding areas.

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Hire a team to clean your home and take care of all your washing needs. We offer exceptional house washing services for Newcastle and the surrounding areas. You deserve a bright and clean home every day, and we can help you make that happen.

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