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Dry ice blasting Newcastle

Dry ice blasting is a “green” cleaning process using small pellets of carbon dioxide, accelerated in a pressurised air stream and directed at the surface. 100% no surface derogation or etching and media evaporates on impact. Ideally used in areas where minimising down time is important and / or a high standard of sanitisation is required - cleaning at minus 30 degrees and killing bacteria on contact. WHY DRY ICE BLAST - no media left behind, no surface derogation and minimal clean-up. Dry ice cleaning maximises production capability and reduces down time - no need to strip equipment, cleaning carried out while still in production. Dry ice is a cleaning technique eliminating components and employee exposure to harsh cleaning agents. Assessing your surface and offering a variety of techniques ensures the best possible outcome for our clients. After all not every surface is the same.


  • Electrical components
  • Carbon removal
  • Lead paint removal
  • Injection mould cleaning
  • Maintaining mould tolerances and integrity
  • Sanitisation
  • Mining, power plants, hospitals and high voltage





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