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Surface Sealing and Restoring in Newcastle and surrounding

Together with 15 years experience we offer an innovative approach to all jobs, using a variety of surface preparation methods and long lasting sealing solutions.

Prolonging the aesthetic look of your surface and over time saving money, we offer a range of quality penetrating sealers. Sealers preserve the surface by creating a barrier, therefore, stopping spills from penetrating and staining. Once sealed, a surface is much easier and cheaper to clean (locks out water, oil and grease) unlike a non-sealed surface.

Warehouse Cleaning With Pressure Washing

Using one of our penetrating or highlighting sealers can literally rescue a surface once considered redundant – no need to spend money on replacing it, just seal!

Our surface sealing and restoring can be applied to:

  • footpaths, cement, pavers, driveways and garage floors.
  • patios, mortar joints, grout joints and tiles render.
  • artificial brick, natural stone and artificial stone
  • pools, ponds, furniture, counter and tops timber decking.
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