Environmentally Friendly – Water Blasting Pollution Solution.

Incorporating vacuum recovery and recycling protecting our environment and sustainability. We understand the importance of protecting our environmental footprint within the pressure washing industry. Our recovery and recycle unit reduces the risk of storm water contamination also reducing water usage by up to 85% compared to normal pressure washing methods. Chemicals are only used where necessary and when incorporating our recovery system, capture and recycling eliminates chemical run-off.

Pressure Cleaning

Wasp Industries are leaders in pressure washing and cleaning services.

WASP – we get the tough stains out!:

Commercial Pressure Cleaning

Industrial Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Sealing and Restoring

Residential Pressure Cleaning Services

Dry Ice Blasting

Mould Removal

Contractor Pressure Cleaning Services

Surface Sealing and Restoring

Our passion, delivering a quality finish and protecting the cleaned surface.

Together with 15 years experience we offer an innovative approach to all jobs Using a variety of surface preparation methods. Prolonging the aesthetic look of your surface and over time saving money we offer a range of quality penetrating sealers. Sealers preserve the surface by creating a barrier, therefore, stopping spills from penetrating and staining. Once sealed, a surface is much easier and cheaper to clean (locks out water, oil and grease) unlike a non-sealed surface. Using one of our penetrating or highlighting sealers can literally rescue a surface once considered redundant – no need to replace, just seal!

We clean:

Sidewalks, cement / pavers, driveways garage floors,

patios, mortar joints, grout joints, tiles, render,

artificial brick, natural stone and artificial stone,

pools / ponds, furniture, counter tops, timber decking


Big, dirty and 100% EPA compliant. Internal and external cleaning and vacuum recovery and recycling available for the environmentally sensitive jobs.

Short of time, unsure how to proceed with the job to be cleaned? Waspindustries’ innovative approach incorporating water / dry ice blasting / media blasting and an ability to co-ordinate, will ensure your clean is carried out with total attention to detail and in a timely and professional manner. Protecting and preserving the surfaces we clean, simply applying one of our penetrating, non-slip rating change sealers.

We clean but not limited to:

Service stations, mechanical workshops,

Schools / universities / TAFE colleges, malls,

resorts, pubs / clubs, beer gardens,

al-fresco dining, marinas, hospitals, fast food chains,

restaurants, hotels, vineyard, shopping centres, sports stadiums,

caravan parks, airports/ hanger facilities,

animal boarding facilities-kennels / stables, poultry farms,

car parks and commercial vehicle washing including export quality washing.

Dustless blasting

Dry Ice Blasting

Dustless Blasting is a revolutionary paint stripping and coating removal system that can remove virtually any coating from almost any surface without creating a huge plume of dust. The Dustless Blaster works by mixing water and abrasive at just the right ratio inside the blast tank. Abrasive blasting without dust, no heat no metal warping, no dust no problem.

Used for all different coating removal applications – stripping surfaces original condition:

Paint removal

Apoxy removal

Sealer removal

Metal, brick, concrete cast iron even timber

Dry ice blasting

Mould Removal

Dry ice blasting is a “green” cleaning process using small pellets of carbon dioxide, accelerated in a pressurised air stream and directed at the surface. 100% no surface derogation or etching and media evaporates on impact. Ideally used in areas where minimising down time is important and / or a high standard of sanitisation is required - cleaning at minus 30 degrees and killing bacteria on contact. WHY DRY ICE BLAST - no media left behind, no surface derogation and minimal clean-up. Dry ice cleaning maximises production capability and reduces down time - no need to strip equipment, cleaning carried out while still in production. Dry ice is a cleaning technique eliminating components and employee exposure to harsh cleaning agents. Assessing your surface and offering a variety of techniques ensures the best possible outcome for our clients. After all not every surface is the same.


Electrical components

Carbon removal

Lead paint removal

Injection mould cleaning

Maintaining mould tolerances and integrity


Mining, power plants, hospitals, high voltage

Gum removal

Contractor Pressure Cleaning Services

The right equipment incorporating our process ensures any amount of gum can be removed. No need for chemicals just precision, the right process and experience. Gum oils penetrate the surface. We recommend areas prone to gum once removed applying a penetrating surface sealer 100% non slip. Sealing protects the surface from gum oil penetration, future removal made easier and ultimately saving our client money.

Contractor Pressure Cleaning Services:

Contractor Pressure Cleaning Services

Contractor Pressure Cleaning Services

Graffiti removal

Graffiti not only decreases property values, looks messy also tough to remove – scrubbing is practically impossible. Wasp uses a range of methods for removal including graffiti removal products and high pressure washing and media blasting. Combining experience and technique, pressure and specialised graffiti removal products (where required), graffiti is often washed away instantly, leaving your surface looking brand new.

Mould removal

Harmful to our health and unsightly mould loves a humid, damp and unventilated area to grow.

If you suffer with breathing difficulties, mould infected areas are known to increase the ailment by 40%. Mycologists have proven chemicals such as bleach and mould removal products do not kill mould at the root system, merely removes from sight. Most effective mould removal technique is high pressure cleaning.

Residential Pressure Cleaning Services

From the roof top down we’ve got our residential clients covered.

Variable heat and pressure and a soft wash technique takes care of sensitive surfaces. Residential clients also have the opportunity to seal freshly cleaned surfaces, protecting, reducing the need to clean as often and saving money.

Offering full external cleans ::

roof, gutters, downpipes,

walls, window/screens wash down,

pool surrounds, retaining walls,

awning and driveway

Roof Cleaning

We have a process for cleaning all roof materials whether it be colour bond, concrete tile or terracotta. Sealing or repainting is available after the clean, determined by the age / condition of roof. Working at heights competent. Offering a heat reflective coatings reducing inside temperatures by up to 10 degrees, ideal for industrial sheds where your cooling and electricity costs are excessive. Reducing temperatures by 10 degrees will reduce electricity costs.


Taking care of all cleaning requirements incorporating vacuum, recovery and recycling 98% of all water, bio-degradable chemicals (if required), combined with hot water, high pressure blasting using water or media.

We clean:

Repair workshops, manufacturing plants,

food processing plants / warehouses, breweries,

wineries, large sheds

Contractor Pressure cleaning Services

If you need a hand with pressure cleaning, we provide water blasting services for other cleaning identities.





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