Mount Sugarloaf Lookout


Mount Sugarloaf Lookout is a popular place for families to have fun during their free time or just to unwind during holidays and vacations. It has picnic spots, BBQ, bushwalks, a lookout, and public toilet facilities.

Mount Sugarloaf is a mountain of 412-metre height located in West Wallsend in Lake Macquarie. Actually, it’s just around 40 minutes away from Newcastle or about 25 minutes from Speers Point in Lake Macquarie. However, because of the location and the scenery, it feels more remote than it actually is.

The walk leading to the summit is only around 500 metres from the parking lot and will take around 30 minutes at a steady pace. Be warned that it’s steep. However, there are steps to help you with the climb.

From Mount Sugarloaf, you can see both Lake Macquarie and Newcastle, which are both in the Hunter Region, and you can hear the local television and radio stations. Browse around this site.

There are many hiking trails leading to the summit of Mount Sugarloaf. Spectacular views of Lake Macquarie and the areas surrounding Hunter can be seen from Mount Sugarloaf. However, the instructions regarding walks are badly indicated on the site, so better do research first.

To better understand each track, Mount Sugarloaf has two types of tracks: 1 Linear & 2 Loop Tracks. Its difficulty is moderate at the start point from any of the car parks. Please be guided by the details below:

  • 800 metre circuit track – begins at the end of the car park and spans around the mountain leading to the top.
  • 1.8 kilometre circuit walk – begins at the end of the parking space and spirals around the mountain.
  • 3.8 kilometre circuit walk – begin at the carpark, then walk down past the toilet facility, for a few metres along the road, and then eventually turn left.

The good thing about these walks is that they are definitely free. Check this out.

You get to see a beautiful view, with a partial view of the trees in the background. The forest seems to go on forever, and you can see Lake Macquarie in the distance.

A round stone table indicates the direction of important landmarks like the Blue Mountains and Bathurst. For safety reasons, the lookout is fenced.

Historically, the mountain was formerly called Great Sugar Loaf, and it was Captain Cook who coined the name in 1770. The name was derived from the sugar in Brazil that transformed into conical shapes. They are intended for export and are called sugar loaves.

Mount Sugarloaf was a significant location for the Awabakal people. They actually have a story about the creation of the mountain. Hence, ceremonies have been held on that particular site. The elders have taught the children and clans residing nearby about its history using its scenic view.

It also became very popular because of the snow it received in 1965, which was around 10 cm. People, including children, became jubilant about the phenomenon, so they flocked there, and their children made snowmen.

To get to the location, exit the M1 at George Booth Dr, then follow that direction for about 1.8 km. After that, turn left toward Mount Sugarloaf Rd and drive until you reach the site.

Embedded Driving Directions from Mount Sugarloaf Lookout to Bogey Hole

Written Driving Directions from Mount Sugarloaf Lookout to Bogey Hole

Start: Mount Sugarloaf Lookout

West Wallsend NSW 2286


Follow Mount Sugarloaf RdGeorge Booth Dr and Cameron Park Dr to Newcastle Link Rd/A15 in Cameron Park

10 min (7.9 km)
Head north-east towards Mount Sugarloaf Rd
150 m
Slight left onto Mount Sugarloaf Rd
3.5 km
Turn right onto George Booth Dr
1.8 km
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto George Booth Dr/B89
700 m
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Cameron Park Dr
1.8 km


Follow A15 to King St in Newcastle West

20 min (15.7 km)
Turn right onto Newcastle Link Rd/A15
1.7 km
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Newcastle Link Rd/A15
2.5 km
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit and stay on Newcastle Link Rd/A15
Continue to follow A15
3.1 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Newcastle Rd/A15
1.6 km
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto Newcastle Rd/A15/A37
Continue to follow A15
6.4 km
Continue straight onto Parry St/A15
450 m


Continue on King St. Take Tyrrell St to York Dr in Newcastle

8 min (3.1 km)
Continue straight onto King St
1.5 km
Turn right onto Darby St
120 m
Turn left onto Tyrrell St
700 m
Turn right onto Newcomen St
200 m
Turn left onto Reserve Rd
59 m
Turn right onto York Dr
550 m

End: Bogey Hole

Shortland Esplanade, Newcastle NSW 2300

Embedded Driving Directions from WASP Industries to Mount Sugarloaf Lookout

Written Driving Directions from WASP Industries to Mount Sugarloaf Lookout

Start: WASP Industries

98 Weakleys Dr, Beresfield NSW 2322


Follow Weakleys Dr to M1

3 min (1.9 km)
Head east on Bowden Way towards Weakleys Dr
120 m
Turn left onto Weakleys Dr
240 m
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and stay on Weakleys Dr
Go through 1 roundabout
1.6 km


Continue on M1 to Cameron Park

7 min (10.0 km)
Continue onto M1
8.3 km
Take the exit towards Wallsend/Newcastle
1.5 km
Merge onto Newcastle Link Rd/M15
260 m


Follow Cameron Park DrGeorge Booth Dr and Mount Sugarloaf Rd to your destination in West Wallsend

10 min (8.0 km)
Turn right onto Cameron Park Dr (signs for W Wallsend)
1.8 km
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto George Booth Dr/B89
2.5 km
Turn left onto Mount Sugarloaf Rd
3.5 km
Slight right
82 m
Keep right
Destination will be on the right
66 m

End: Mount Sugarloaf Lookout

West Wallsend NSW 2286