Need Graffiti Removed in Newcastle?


Graffiti Removal Newcastle Graffiti is one of the hardest forms of vandalism to remove from any surface. It defaces buildings, trains, pathways, parks, garages, businesses and homes throughout many communities. The value of properties decrease and the overall look of the town is messy.

It is extremely difficult to remove the paint via scrubbing, in fact almost impossible. The easiest and stress-free method of graffiti removal is via high pressure cleaning. Coming the heated pressure with specialised chemicals, graffiti is washed away almost instantly.

Wasp Industries have all the equipment to eradicate any trace of vandalism. The high
pressure cleaning company will leave all graffiti effected surfaces look clean and brand
Communities will no longer have to be the victims of graffiti vandalism. Call Dru today at
Wasp Industries.

  • We were considering options on how to clean our roof, wooden verandas, pavers and tennis court when, through a chance meeting with Dru, our solution to all these jobs presented itself with the one thoroughly professional local business. Patch tests, options re: water pressure, heat, enviro-friendly cleaners were all discussed, relevant WHS paperwork was provided, dates were set and the jobs are being completed in an effective and totally professional manner to our total satisfaction. This professional clean gave a 'bright lift' to the property. Dru carried out his tasks mindful that this is a working business and that we required a minimal impact on our clientele and our work areas. We would thoroughly recommend Wasp Industries for any of your cleaning needs.

    George & Silvi Peacock Hill Vineyard

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