• Council Pressure Cleaning

    We service several different councils with high pressure steam cleaning and sealing.

    Waspindustries take care of small areas up to complete CBDs on maintenance programs. For larger CBDs of 25,000m2 we clean every 3 months to the council’s needs.


    When cleaning a CBD we remove chewing gum, graffiti, dirt and grime plus any staining using industrial high pressure steam. We clean bench seats, bins, gum and graffiti removal. We can even take care of BBQ areas and amenities.



    We offer a range of sealers that are all penetrating with no slip rating change. Ranging from matte finish non visible to colour highlighters which darken the surface making the natural colour pop further. Water and mineral base sealers are also available.



    Chewing gum quickly builds up and looks very untidy. The only method of removing gum efficiently is with high pressure steam cleaners. It is important to remove it regularly as the longer it is on the surface the more chance the gum has of staining as the emulsifiers slowly penetrate their way into the surface. Finishing the surface area with a protective sealer can help prevent gum stain.



    Graffiti unsightly tagging can be removed with SoSafe products, approved for use throughout New South Wales schools, along with high pressure steam for best results.


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  • We were considering options on how to clean our roof, wooden verandas, pavers and tennis court when, through a chance meeting with Dru, our solution to all these jobs presented itself with the one thoroughly professional local business. Patch tests, options re: water pressure, heat, enviro-friendly cleaners were all discussed, relevant WHS paperwork was provided, dates were set and the jobs are being completed in an effective and totally professional manner to our total satisfaction. This professional clean gave a 'bright lift' to the property. Dru carried out his tasks mindful that this is a working business and that we required a minimal impact on our clientele and our work areas. We would thoroughly recommend Wasp Industries for any of your cleaning needs.

    George & Silvi Peacock Hill Vineyard

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